Falls Prevention


Approximately 30% of people over 65 years of age living in the community fall each year. Falls in care facilities and hospitals are common events that cause considerable morbidity and mortality for older adults. In addition, falls impose a significant social and economic burden for individuals, their families, community health services and the economy as well.

The HUR falls prevention concept helps the health care and rehabilitation professionals to provide the best practice of exercise as medicine based on the latest international preventive and treatment guidelines to regular weekly habitual physical activities and exercise training regimen. A large body of evidence supports the recommendation that balance -, strength -, gait -, and coordination training is effective in reducing falls, and therefore it should be included as part of a multi-component intervention to prevent falls in older persons and may be considered as a single intervention. In most scientific trials, the exercise program has been longer than 12 weeks (1–3 times per week) with variable intensity.