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21 JULY 2020

HUR Exercise Solutions allow workouts to be conducted safely. Pneumatics allow less load on the joints, while working out muscle equivalent to conventional weights. Increments of 0.1kg also allow gradual increase in intensity after every set, and programs set on the HUR SmartTouch would allow progressive and regular training.

24 May 2020

Research has shown that endurance exercise promotes the production of an antioxidant called extracellular superoxide dismutase (EcSOD) that breaks down the free radical superoxide outside of the cells. Studies have provided proof-of-principle evidence that delivery of the EcSOD gene or protein to elevate the amount of EcSOD in the blood and vital organs may be an effective intervention for protection of the lungs and other vital organs against damages caused by ARDS and multiple organ failure.

30 March 2020

Balance is a crucial ability that we need in our everyday life. Climbing stairs, getting up from bed, carrying groceries. Assess and train today, with the HUR SmartBalance!


  • Balance Score - Easily interpret your client’s balance ability with a unique score. Compare and motivate!

  • Easy to use non-intimidating Client Mode for independent training

  • Scientifically-proven testing methods provide an accurate baseline measurement; you’ll know exactly where you’re starting and where improvements can be made

  • Interactive computer programs are easy to navigate and feature large buttons, clear graphics, and an intuitive touchscreen

21 Jan 2020

For the facility operator, the HUR SmartTouch system will provide the metrics to track exercise performance and automatically provide documentation of patients’ progress.


  • Modern web-based software for clinic and centre operating – operation wherever, whenever 

  • Provides the metrics and data to track performance of the clinic or centre 

  • Saves staff resources through independent exercise 

  • The rotation proceeds from one machine to the next one in a precise order – less queuing at the machines. 

  • Cloud based or local installation 

  • Supports multi-clinic and centre organizations 

  • Automated reporting of client’s progress, facility status, equipment usage etc.

11 Dec 2019

CAD is a disease caused by plaque building up along the inner walls of the coronary arteries. Arteries becomes narrow and blood flow to the heart reduces causing ischemia. 


HUR cardiac rehabilitation concept helps the rehabilitation professionals to provide the best practice of exercise as medicine based on the latest international treatment guidelines to promote CAD patient to regular weekly habitual physical activities and exercise training regimen.

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