Rehab & Physiotherapy

HUR users in medical fitness and rehabilitation

The HUR devices and solutions are designed to use strength training as a therapeutic modality in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of several health concerns and diseases by using the HUR’s Natural Transmission method. It is based on pneumatic technology, where resistance is adapted in accordance with the production of force, regardless of the speed of the movement. Intelligent technology system for automated reporting, zero starting load and 100g/1kg increments in resistance, range limiters and additional support with connected outcome measures to document the effectiveness, enables to start strength training safely when considering the individual treatment prescriptions e.g. appropriate medication. The equipment in the HUR Premium Line is accredited as medical products, and registered by The National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health.

The HUR solutions helps the health care and rehabilitation professionals to provide the best practice of exercise as medicine based on the latest international treatment guidelines to promote customers and patients with increased level to regular weekly habitual physical activities and exercise training regimen.

Model Solutions

Test – Train – Follow-up

The importance of testing and measurability can of course not be stressed enough when it comes to rehabilitation. HUR delivers high-quality testing machines and functional packages, where tests are incorporated into machines that are in daily use.

In this example we see our multi-functional HUR Pulley machineiBalance platformMonark bicycle ergometer and HUR Leg Extension/Curl machine with isometric test capabilities. 

With the HUR SmartTouch system, we have combined several functions for computerized human performance testing, training and documentation, using state of the art training machines.

Inclusive wellness solutions

In an inclusive wellness facility, it is easy to get on and off machines. The machines can be used safely and independently by as many different users as possible, regardless of ability, while in between machines there is ample room to manoeuvre with various mobility aids. 

HUR equipment is designed in accordance with current requirements for accessibility. The machines are designed to efficiently use space while offering impediment-free accessibility.  Our unique HUR Easy Access machines embody top-design and expand user options far more than more traditional solutions.

PhysioFitness – from patient to member

Clients at rehabilitation facilities will appreciate a quality and professional service and a gym equipped with safe and professional-grade machines. Following rehabilitation, many clients wish to continue training in a familiar and safe environment, where if needed help and individual guidance are readily available. 

HUR PhysioFitness is a model that in all equipment and spatial solutions takes into account not only normal rehabilitation functions but also allows for a broader use of the training locale. After rehabilitation, clients become loyal clients, which results in more satisfied clients and economic viability. With our computerized HUR SmartTouch machines, all additional services can be professionally and cost-effectively implemented with minor use of staff resources.


Use your space effectively

The advanced design of HUR machines allows a functional and versatile gym to fit into a smaller space. HUR machines are effective but small in size and can be placed adjacently to walls. Many of our machines are dual-function: for example, our knee extension-flexion or hip abduction-adduction machines.